About the Knights of the Cross

Back in the 1980's an elderly gentleman mentored a youthful band of converts in the Catholic faithWhen nearing death, being the last of his family line, he bequeathed to us, his spiritual sons, a small library of classic Catholic books and devotional literature, including Thomas à Kempis' Imitation of Christ and St. Louis de Montfort's Friends of the Cross.  He also gave us his most precious possessions, a nearly-century old Flying Eagle sword of the Knights of Columbus and an ancient cross, with a most amazing story.

The cross had been passed down in his family for generations.  The legend was that it had been brought to America by a Franciscan friar who accompanied some Spanish explorers.  After being fatally wounded by Indians, the friar passed the cross to a conquistador with the admonishment to abandon his thirst for gold and seek instead the golden wisdom of God.  After being miraculously healed of his own wounds, the conquistador realized that God was calling him to quest after spiritual treasures.  At his own death, the cross was passed down through his family from one generation to another, each of whom took a knightly vow of the spiritual quest and therefore became a "Knight of the Cross."

He told us, "I cannot verify that this story is true.  I can only relate what the one who passed it to me told me, even as he learned the story from the one before him.  What is important is that you take this cross and dedicate yourself to Christ to go on a quest for all the wisdom and spiritual riches of the Catholic faith.  If you do this, your life will be changed in ways that you could never imagine now, and you will become a true Knight of the Cross."

Frankly, we did not believe the story about the cross.  It was old but probably not earlier than the 19th century.  Still, in the spirit of ancient Christian chivalry, we accepted the challenge and undertook the Consecration as "Knights of the Cross."  We spent the night in prayer and Eucharistic Adoration at St. Martin's Church in Louisville, Kentucky after which we journeyed to Chateau Laroche, a real castle in Loveland, Ohio where we were symbolically knighted.  We took turns placing the cross upon our necks and holding the old sword high, vowed to go on a quest for the Kingdom of God.  Since then, life has been a series of adventures.  It was nearly two decades later that we had the cross appraised as to its true age and was astonished to learn that it dated to the 1400's.

Since then, the Knights of the Cross have always been a very small band of brothers.  In early 2017, realizing that we were growing old ourselves, we felt that we had an obligation to pass what was bequeathed to us down to others who would in turn take up the Quest and perpetuate the Knights of the Cross.  After much prayer and signs of God's guidance, we are now reaching out to others to join us.

Chateau Laroche Loveland Ohio

Chateau Laroche