The Book:

Living by the Sword

"Physically he engages in weight training, sparring, martial arts, archery, or the like.  Mental “hobbies” may include theology, the study of Christianity and other religions, symbolism, collections of Chivalry codes, research of saints, heroes, and their strategies against evil.  Spiritual “hobbies” often include prayer and study of prayer, mortification of the flesh, voluntary isolation in lonely places, and fasting."

― from "Living by the Sword: Knighthood for the Modern Man" by Eric Demski

We would like to bring your attention to the book "Living By the Sword: Knighthood for the Modern Man" by Eric Demski.  It is the basic training manual of the Knights of the Cross. 

Over 500 pages, it covers everything an aspiring knight needs to know.  You can pick up a copy for under 20 bucks at abebooks.

Read this book!  It will change your life.

"The quintessential image of the hero for GOD, the Knight, half warrior and half saint, stands for everything good, strong, and honorable in the human spirit.  This book contains twenty-five years of research on true knighthood: the refined and essential virtues, elements, techniques and strategies to wage successful war against Evil.  Taken from the lives, stories, and advice of warriors, saints, monks, priests, and pious people, these strategies show specifically and very concretely how to be a knight and hero.  The book explains:

"How does a knight use purity to make himself stronger in physical, as well as mental and spiritual combat?  How does a knight find a state of Grace?  How does a knight develop his moral courage and his ability to sacrifice?  Why meekness and humility is the root of true strength, how great courage is directly derived from fear of GOD, how sacrifice and asceticism can be used to defeat demons, how Faith can be developed and improved.  The techniques of Sir Ramon Lull, Rodrigo De Bivar, Charles Martel, Sir Miguel Cervantes, and saints such as Ignatius, Louis, Francis, Augustine, Aquinas and many more.  Every question is answered.  Only one thing remains.  May GOD grant us HIS Grace."